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What to talk about with a guy on the phone

What to talk about with a guy on the phone


Ask her about where she grew up Ask if he has a big group of friends or just a few of good, close friends Find out what she did last weekend this could give you an idea of whether she likes to party or prefers quieter evenings Relationship Questions Share crazy dating stories or just ask about his first date, like Glamour suggests Ask what people are often surprised to find out about her, or what people compliment her on the most other than her looks Ask her how she feels about traditional gender roles. Family Questions Ask him about his oldest living relatives and his relationship with them. What are some family traditions specific to her family?

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5 tips for talking to a guy on the phone

Joshua Pompey Relationship Expert Try talking about bad first dates for a fun icebreaker. Who is his celebrity crush? What is the weirdest thing about you? Ultimately, when you are stuck for something to say on the phone, qbout just listening.

Do you have any piercings? Living in the Moment Ask him to describe in detail everything he can see right now.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Try to figure out a way to abut up the conversation before you hang up. What is his ature dish or drink?

This will totally show you another side of him and will help you learn more about your guy as well. A boyfriend of 10 months? Fun relationship questions help you get giy know him or her better while keeping things light. This kind of free-form conversation can really open him up and let you get to know him faster.

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You don't want to leave it on a low note. Tell me about your family. Pay attention to the questions he asks you. Sharing those can give you something to talk about, but at the same time, it helps show that you're not like that.

Maybe you want to invite him somewhere guyy find out what he thought about something you saw in the news. Take turns and see what comes up! Does she prefer a slow pace or a hectic pace in life? Ask him things like "How did baseball practice go last night?

Notes for what to talk about with a guy via text

Delving Deeper Ask him if he could write a book, what it would be about. What was your first car?

Without being too racy, gently ask him a few questions about his fantasies, what turns him on, or what he likes about you sexually. Do you have any tattoos? If the two of you share whzt of the same friends, that's another potential resource.

If things work out with him, there will be plenty more chances to talk. Come up with a topic or purpose for the call so there's less room for awkward silences and nervousness. Just act natural, be yourself, and remember, he is just a guy.

Also pay attention when he's answering the questions you ask him. You also want to keep him interested. The last thing you want is your phone conversation to sound like a phone interview.

62 interesting things to talk about on the phone

What did he always want to do as a kid? Make sure to focus on a few topics that you know a little bit more about as well. Who is your favorite celebrity? Has she ever taken part in a protest?

Therefore, as you end the call, give him an indicator of your interest to make it clear to him you are just getting back to what you were doing — not palming him off. My special program is deed to help you find and attract emotionally available men. What is better abouut the end of the day: alone time or time with other people?

Super powers you wish you had? Hot make up sex or slow guj sex? This leaves him feeling both attracted and positive about the two of you. Pretty much everybody has been on a bad date at some point in their life, or maybe you've received creepy messages online. It should all come across light-hearted and playful.

Has a book ever changed your life? What to Talk About on the Phone with Your Boyfriend 1 Ask Him About Himself People love to talk about themselves, so give him a chance to share funny stories or quirky pet peeves about his life.

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If you start to get into a conversation that warrants more dialogue, suggest a phone call. Above all, be genuine.

What food could you not live without? Give adequate, lengthy responses that fully answer his questions.

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