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Ukulele songs to play to your female crush

Ukulele songs to play to your female crush


Couple of chords later and everyone has a smile on their faces. On the contrary, you can have a great time developing your skills by learning new and exciting songs. Today we are going to show you some of the best songs to play on ukulele, which will be challenging but also gratifying. We will include some of the well-known classics, as well as songs which you might not have heard of. Each one of our picks has made the list for a reason, so you can fo assured that we only chose the best ukulele songs for you today.

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I personally love to just pick over the chords by picking the A string first and then just stepping down to the G string for a lovely, stripped down sound that really lets the lyrics shine. The pattern in the tutorial I found below works well too, and is even easier. The song is complex enough that you can simplify it and leave out some of the passing chords found in some of the more difficult arrangements.


The song is relatively easy to learn and it uses a straightforward strumming pattern. However, that is something you can easily change and infuse the song with a variety of emotions. If you find it too difficult to sing and play this at first, try to perfect the overall rhythm first, and then introduce singing at your own pace.

Each one of our picks has made the list for a reason, so you can rest assured that we only chose the best ukulele songs for you today.

Warm up and prep

If you've tried memorizing chords for any length of time, you probably know that the E chord is a sin against humanity. Strumming pattern is also one of the areas where you can play around a little.

Some like to play it faster, for a more pop feel, while others love to slow it way down and xongs it into a powerful ballad. I'd recommend you watch who you play it for though, considering lyrics like "Your looks are laughable, unphotographable" and "Is your figure less than Greek?

Learning how to play this piece on ukulele might take some time, but the song will teach you a lot of the basic strumming patterns and ukuldle. However, the way you sing it can determine whether you are going for a happy go-lucky vibe or something a bit more blue. Curious how lessons work? Being able to raise the volume in a linear fashion is not as simple as it sounds.

So without further ado, here are 50 of the most romantic ukulele songs of all time! You can choose to only play the basic chord progression, or you can spice things up and add some subtle details into the mix.

1. "i'm yours"—jason mraz (am, c, d7, g, f)

Today we are going to show you some of the best songs to play on ukulele, which will be challenging but also gratifying. This very beautiful song, released inis one of my favorites.

Songs like this sound great with just the voice and a single instrument. Cecilia and the Satellite makes use sonys your basic Am, C, F, and G chords, but I would argue that the simple chord progression helps the lyrics shine even brighter. Happy playing!

The 50 most romantic ukulele songs of all time

The chorus might push you soongs bit since there are several high notes in ffmale, but that is completely up to you whether you want to sing them so high, or not. Fun is what it is all about. With that said, these 13 songs form up a great repertoire which will allow you to entertain your friends and loved ones whenever the occasion arises. But for some reason that's where my fingers want to go, so if you think it might help to try it out that way, I say go for it.

Top 13 best ukulele songs: improve your skills with most loved ukulele songs

Chords are easy and the progressions are not particularly difficult at all. Try it, here!

Get the chords, here. While Ffmale never got into How I Met Your Mother myself, I can appreciate a shoutout to the ukulele in whatever form it takes, especially if the audience is as big as a primetime television show. Mraz kept things fairly basic, which is partially because the song was molded by the mainstream standards, however it does have some of the special vibe to it.

A far less cheesy version although that might still have a lot of cheese for modern ears is Jay and the Americans version from That is an E chord in a song on a list of songs that are supposed to be fairly simple to play on the ukulele. Is your mouth a little weak? If you plan on practicing singing crueh well, we suggest you do a proper vocal warm-up routine.

Is it among the best ukulele songs out there? If you want to do it like legendary Edith did, you will have to put your voice into overdrive and reach some pretty high notes. I tried it out on yohr ukulele, and it works great on the uke as well.

14 love songs that sound great on the ukulele

I don't know if the Aerosmith version has the same chords, but I can imagine the strumming would at least be the same for both versions. for the chords. But it will be worth it, believe me! This tune is very easy to play on feale ukulele and you should use it liberally on your next date!

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The whole idea behind this list is to get you out of your comfort zone gradually and introduce you to tunes songgs will challenge you. But not everyone will.

It all comes down to rhythm and accentuating certain chords. If you're more interested in getting the hang of picking, I like to pluch the G, C, E, A, and then C string again once per chord.

Jour are several interesting parts where you might be challenged by the song, but overall the chords and chord progression is pretty simple. We think it definitely is.

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