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Best of CES 2018: AI, self-driving, Robomart, smart mirror

This week Gotyu was proud to present its GPS live tracker & activity monitor at Eureka Park at CES 2018.  We had amazing success and meetings with Amazon, Indiegogo, numerous distributors, Walmart, BestBuy etc.  Here is our Top 10 coolest trends & gadgets you should definitely keep an eye on and buy when in the market.


Sony’s Aibo – Artificial Intelligence dog that will detect faces, build character & will stay loyal to the person who pets it most

#1   In addition to all kinds of smart sensors, displays, numerous robots for various functions, Sony presented its new robot dog Aibo which is available for pre-order at $1,730 now.    Sony’s Aibo has now OLED eyes which make it seem more realistic, and artificial intelligence algorithms will help it develop its own personality, recognize different members of the family, and play more with the family member who pets the puppy most.  Very cool indeed!


Square Off – Smartest Chess Board

#2  A team from India presented a very unique self-moving chessboard which successfully raised about $235,000 on Kickstarter.  Square Off connected board makes it possible to play with any friend or chess enthusiast relative anywhere in the world.  Multiple playing modes possible and already 200,000 players in the network.  Enjoy!


#3  Robomart is the new generation grocery store.  The store is almost fully autonomous and will deliver fresh vegetables & fruit to the customers from the stores.  Big retail chains can license the technology.  We had a lengthy talk with the founder about potential high oper

Robomart – self driving grocery store presented at CES 2018

ating costs & restocking, but the model is already proving to be successful in London and the team is confident Robomart will change the way we shop.  It is worth noting, that not driving, but autonomous coffee vending machines serving iced and hot canned lattes & coffee have been present & very popular in Japan for many years.

#4  Laundry folding machine is now a reality – never fold the laundry again.  French startup FoldiMate presented a $16,000 piece of amazing equipment which will use its AI algorithms to recognize your T-shirt, blouse or pants, as a result will fold it and then sort.  Really cool and handy!  In the market in 2019.

Laundry Folding AI machine



#5  Beauty products is a huge market and we are in the era of cool new materials

developed by different companies.  E-Ink of Japan showcased an amazing automatic self-styling color changing dress made of paper thin electronic fabric.  The dress simply wowed the crowds leaving guessing if the dress will be capable to adapt colors to the owner’s emotions, or maybe even be transparent in certain situations 🙂


#6  Have you seen the Bladerunner 2049? If not, I strongly recommend this movie to show where the world is heading unfrotunately.  If yes, you saw the cool huge holographic ads all over the city which scan your personality, furthermore preferences and then interact with you pushing whatever product they are promoting.  CES 2018 had a number of amazing LED displays, including the future of retail displays – holographic ads, holographic displays.  This booth definitely was one of the favorites – link to the show – Holographic Displays

#7  Even though retail is such a huge market, the Retail Innovation Lounge at CES 2018 was tiny with a couple of innovative products for offline retail.  Yet, the products were very cool including a smart mirror which lets you try on makeup pieces from major brands, makeup looks, accessories as glasses etc, different hairstyles.  Larger smart mirror versions allow to try on clothes.  Already in several stores and expected at Bloomingdales this spring!  Link to trying different makeup looks 


So we definitely are living in the best of times!  Thanks for reading and enjoying new CES 2018 trends!



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