20 November 2017
We have analyzed the leaked Black Friday ads for 2017 and present our top 7 Black Friday deals in cool gadgets & consumer electronics
30 October 2017
presentation principle 10/20/30: max 10 slides, 20 minutes, minimal font size 30 don't listen to a client or they will ask for a faster horse, try to solve their pain in a new way
21 October 2017
Today New York dog owners flexed their creative muscles at the 27th annual Halloween Dog Parade.  Lots of gushing & cool unique Halloween Dog costumes, & these are our Top 7!
29 September 2017
It was my dream & obsession to get on Shark Tank since I saw the show years ago.  After I moved to New York, I founded my first startup (interactive educational iPad books for kids). To get customers & raise some money, I launched a Kickstarter campaign.